A brief history of MBT with LTS

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for tools  we only concern with open-sourced and software testing tools. A lot tools are built for simulation for the Car industry,   I am more into App testing ,web testing.

Year Theory/Tool Papers Tools introduced (Open sourced)
1976 Theory Labeled Transition Systems was first introduced in : Formal Verification of Parallel Programs  
1996 Theory Model based testing with labelled transition system(LTS) is first introduced by Jan Tretmans with the paper:  Test Generation with Inputs, Outputsand Repetitive Quiescence . since then there have  been a lot  research around LTS, including Tretmans  himself, you  can find all the papers here:Jan Tretmans’s papers  
2003 Theory A new paper from Tretmans  introducing a tool implementation : Torx: Automated model-based testing Torx
2005 Theory  a seminar held in Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, in January 2004, the result of this is :  Model-Based Testing of Reactive Systems of which good part is contributed to Labeled Transition Systems.  
2006 Theory Book: Practical Model-Based Testing A Tools Approach. a detailed discussion with the B toolkit B toolkit
2008 Theory A new paper from Tretmans : Model based testing with labelled transition systems  
2010 Tool AutoFocus Tool Chain AutoFOCUS 3
2010 Tool JTorX: A tool for on-line model-driven test derivation and execution JTorX
2011 Tool fMBT was created by Intel on github fMBT
2012 Theory A taxonomy of model‐based testing approaches :  author try to fix the taxonomy  to describe MBT in general , which also applies to MBT with LTS  


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