Work, Consumerism and the New Poor

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Part I

the meaning of work: producing work ethic

Getting people to work

work or Perish

producing the producers

from better to more

from the work ethic to the aesthetic of consumption

the making of a consumer

work as judged by aesthetic

vocation as a privilege

Being poor in a consumer society

Part II

The rise and fall of welfare state

between inclusion and exclusion

the welfare state unemployed

the contented majority

success that brought the demise

The work Ethnic and the new Poor:

Settler vs Nomads

From unemployment to redundancy

the discovery of underclass

the work ethic goes underclass

to be poor is criminal

expulsion from the universe of moral obligations

work and redundancy in the globalized world

colonialism , or exporting surplus labour

the rise and wane of global solution to locally produced problems

new global dimension of work and poverty problems

social problems recast as law and order

from social state to the “state of security”

Part III

prospects for the new poor

the poor without role

no role , no moral duty

ethic of work or ethic of life

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