The Non-Designer’s Design Book

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If you are specifying the text to appear in a certain typeface (if you’re not, ignore this), typically Helvetica or Arial and Times or Times Roman, please specify Geneva or Verdana or Trebuchet in front of Helvetica, and New York or Georgia in front of Times. This will make the text on Macintoshes appear so much cleaner and easier to read. (If you use a Mac, set your default font to New York instead of Times, and you will be amazed at how much easier it is to read web pages. Change it back to Times before you print a page.) Verdana and Trebuchet are found on all operating systems updated within the past few years, and they’re excellent choices for body copy on the web.

There are six clear and distinct ways to contrast type: size, weight, structure,form, direction, and color.

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