Learning database part 1

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Data Integrity

Why do we need correctly designed database scheme

      • save space
      • Data Integrity
      • Enable flexibility
      • Faster processing

Working in a big company(100,000+), there are a lot of procedures you need to follow, quite often you need to fill in excel forms. Most of the time there are some information that is totally irrelevant to you, but you have to fill in anyway. because the other side do not know which part is rrelevant to your domain.

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Setup vim with phan

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In last post, we explained how to set up a PHP IDE with vim, we can do syntax checking, GOTO definition, and auto fix, but the syntax checking is just a basic check according to the PHP grammar, it does not consider the undefined variable, unused import and all the other extra check, fortunately, we have phan and static PHP analyzer that can do this for us, let’s see how can we set it up

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